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May 7, 2015


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The benefits of using humic acid and seaweed extract in your indoor/outdoor garden.

Most avid gardeners are aware of the basic organic amendments they should use to gain the proper NPK nutrient balance in their soil. Usually this includes natural products such as bone-blood meal and bat guano. Additionally, there are those all in one organic fertilizers that tout the perfect balance of organic available nutrients, but tend to produce fewer measurable results than traditional chemical fertilizers. What makes a soil additive effective is simple; Make all the ingredients work together to create an exponential effect in your growing medium. Simply put, great soil equals great plants.

GreenGro Ultra-Fine Mycorrhizae blend puts the purest, most compatible ingredients together in one jar. We started by hand selecting four of the most potent and agriculturally important strains to ensure crop symbiosis. Next we added several beneficial bacteria species that were proven in lab studies to dramatically improve plant vigor. After we added our dense microbial mixture, our team brought together two important ingredients that dramatically improve the performance of the microbial components: Rare earth humates and Norwegian seaweed extract.

Seaweed extract is classified as a bio-stimulant and contains over 70 nutrients. There are several known benefits from using seaweed extracts including: Increased cold tolerance, microbial stimulation, disease resistance, and increased plant hormone production. In our product, the seaweed provides crucial support to for plants “rhizosphere”. The rhizosphere is the central root zone where mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria tend to accumulate. Seaweed extract, along with the help of humic acid, dramatically improves a root system depth and density.

Humic acids create exceptional soil quality. GreenGro Ultra-Fine Mycorrhizae Blend contains only the purest, most soluble rare earth humates from ancient deposits in North Dakota. Humics help make a soil’s nutrients more readily available for the root system to absorb. Additionally, humic acid increases the effectiveness of applied fertilizers and soil additives. Also, since soil quality is dramatically improved, microbial activity increases tremendously.

Thus, Humic acid brings the whole proprietary blend together by making the soil function better, the nutrients work harder, and thereby creating outstanding plants. Buy GreenGro Ultra-Fine Mycorrhizae Blend and Breathe Life Into Your Soil!

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