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About Our Company

At GreenGro, LLC, our business philosophy is simple:

Provide a product that is easy to use and that creates amazing results. We strive to sell the best organic and/or sustainable, All-in-one soil additives for the gardening and farming industries.

The most important concept to our company is the idea of a living soil. Just as the ocean is full of life, soil is also teaming with a vast array of organisms that endure and rely on a symbiotic relationship. Our products all contain these beneficial microorganisms that will help your soil flourish , and promoting a living soil system for plants to thrive in.

Company Goals and Objectives
GreenGro, LLC aspires to be the leading biological soil amendment company in the United States. We want to raise awareness for green, sustainable farming practices and contribute to charities that promote sustainable practices.

Additionally, we intend to provide outstanding customer assistance in the areas of product satisfaction, product use, no hassle-free refunds, and customer relations.

The larger goal of GreenGro, LLC is to provide a certifiable organic soil additive that will greatly benefit the customer’s soil health.

GreenGro, Breathe life into your soil!